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(May 20-June 21)



There are karmic implications to sex. If nothing else, that has been the resounding message of the lengthy Mars retrograde that draws to a close over the next few weeks. Karma is merely an analysis of cause and effect, which is a simple law that says every cause has many potential effects and any effect has many potential causes. But the heart of the matter is that there is a relationship between the two sides of the equation. In our era, most of the karma around sex is created due to lies, secrets, and silence. We would remove many of the implications of sex were we to open up and tell the truth—but at the same time, many relationships as we know them would crumble. People who go through this almost always emerge with a better life, a lighter conscience, and more direct way of relating. As Mars comes to a halt in Libra, your 5th solar house, you're being invited to clear the air of anything that is lingering; of all that you have not said; to express the basic, elementary truth of your heart and soul. The risk involved is shifting, tipping, or upsetting the seeming balance of your existing relationships. You might ask: Is it really balance, or is it a balancing act? How do you tell the difference? Balance is easy; a balancing act is a struggle.

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