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For March 2013


Last Updated: 01/25/2020 4:09 am

This could be one of the most interesting moments in your "professional life," though you might want to drop the first word in that phrase if you want to understand it more clearly. I know that there is plenty of counseling to "keep your work and your life separate" and about "how you should not mix business and pleasure" and, most of all, to keep your work and personal relationships separate. These ideas might work for some people who are not really living, and who are not desiring a life wherein they express their true existence in their daily activities. I've been listening for a while and what I hear is most people yearning, craving, sometimes positively mad to spend their time doing something meaningful, creative, productive, and loving. That is exactly what is calling you now. I suggest you start modestly. Do not think in terms of an end destination—that's the old method, the one that almost always goes stagnant. As you may know, Mercury will be retrograde the first half of the month. And it will be retrograde in the house associated with your professional activities and reputation. I can sum that up briefly: You're here to do your thing in your way—which may be different than the way you thought of in the past and certainly different than what others have expected of you. Therefore, if you feel inclined to do things differently, to follow an intuition and to go against the grain, that is the way to go.

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