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For February 2011


Last Updated: 02/12/2019 11:50 am

GEMINI (May 20-June 21)

You have a deeper tendency than you like to admit to believe what the people around you believe. This has suddenly become unusually difficult, and you know you're in a position where you have to make up your own mind about something. So, do what you must, in order to do that. Embark on a fact-finding mission. Allow different people to convince you of their point of view, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Then move on and get another perspective. You will be surprised at all the viewpoints out there. Indeed, you may start to doubt whether there is any such thing as the truth (a condition that is epidemic in our times). Much like the tale of the blind men and the elephant, everyone is wrong, and yet everyone is right. It will be up to you to see the elephant in the room. And that's precisely what it is—the obvious thing that nobody wants to admit is there. The question then becomes, What do you do with the information you get? You certainly have the option to ignore it. That would be very modern. But what you're getting is crucial information. And in actual fact, you're responsible for what you know. The people who only want to see part of the elephant have one thing in common; they have a motive for their point of view. Ask yourself whether you have that agenda, or some other.

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