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Gemini | Hudson Valley Horoscope August 2018


It’s fashionable in some circles to use “Gemini” as a verb, i.e. “He Geminied his way out of that one!” This usage reflects the mercurial superpower of talking one’s way into or out of any given situation. Do you feel you’ve misplaced your magic touch lately? Your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde Leo from July 25 to August 18 may have given you a raging case of braggadocio which you’re now regretting. Worse yet, unworthy others may have attempted to steal your own original ideas during your Retrograde-fueled uninhibited oversharing binge. Fear not, Gemini! The sigils of your superpowers will be returned to you after August 22, when the Sun enters Virgo, the “other” Mercury-ruled sign. You will appear invincible as you make the rounds, clearing up misunderstandings, setting the record straight, and collecting what’s yours— including your own ideas. Do not allow anyone to claim what rightly belongs to you.

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