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Gemini (May 20-June 21)

You've been spun around so many times the past couple of months, you may be completely disoriented and have no idea what to believe. Of course you've learned a lot along the way, at least by process of elimination. You can cross a good few things off your list of what to worry about, or wonder about. You have a much clearer sense of who you can trust. Yet still, all of this has been leading you to a decision, and that time has arrived. You now get to make up your mind. There's a commitment involved in this, and you may feel pressured to make an affirmative statement when you're still facing some doubt or hesitation. But is your uncertainty valid? Do you really lack any necessary information? Go over your facts carefully. Account for what you want to believe, but understand that your beliefs could be unfounded and warrant investigation. Make an inventory of everything you don't know, and then start to answer your own concerns. What you may discover is that the thing you're really doubting is your own thought process. Your perceptions and assessments are sharper than you may think. The only thing you have to watch out for is the distinct feeling of wanting something to be true. That is your indicator of caution. Take a balanced approach. Be as objective as you can. What's true is true. What is not, is not.

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