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Gemini Full Moon: Is Your Aim True?


Last Updated: 12/03/2014 5:49 pm

Thanksgiving is over; Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gone by; so what is that feeling of tension you might be feeling? Chances are it’s the Moon, which is waxing and will be at Full phase Saturday morning.

This is the Gemini Full Moon, with the Moon in mid-Gemini opposite the Sun in mid-Sagittarius, exact at 7:27 am EST.

With a Gemini Moon, emotions get filtered through the mind. This can feel a little detached, scattered or superficial, or like you can’t quite pin down how you really feel about something—pinging back and forth rather than getting down to the root of it. At its best, a Gemini Moon can be quite shrewd and versatile. This is the state of our collective emotional body and subconscious heading into the weekend, beginning early Friday morning.

The Sun in Sagittarius, representing full consciousness, is emphasizing a more intuitive, big-picture take on things. People sometimes describe listening to their intuition as “dropping in,” which sounds exactly like what your subconscious, influenced by that Gemini Moon, could be resisting this weekend.

It’s a situation that would benefit from some grounding—but that can’t be forced. If your plans between Friday and Sunday involve lots of socializing in situations where you can play the butterfly, flitting among friends as you feel called to, it might not matter so much. Beware, however, for impulsive statements; with a Full Moon, the target they hit might be more sensitive or reactive than usual.

Mercury, which rules the mind and communication, and Ceres, an asteroid about food and nourishment (among other things) are flanking the Sun in Sagittarius. This gives a little more weight to that side of the Sun-Moon equation. So if you have the urge to immerse in spiritual or humanitarian activities designed to nourish yourself and others, you will be supported. If you get distracted, gently guide yourself back to your point of focus.

Speaking of focus, the Sun and Moon will be in a T-square formation with centaur object Chiron in Pisces. Chiron acts like a focusing agent; a T-square means it will make simultaneous squares to both the Sun and Moon Saturday. In this configuration, Chiron is suggesting you let creativity and service (think "higher purpose") guide you as you navigate your interpersonal relationships this weekend.

Think of it this way: Pisces has an affinity for music. If your relationships are a song, what choices will help you harmonize—both within yourself, and with your friends, colleagues and intimate partners? Chiron in Pisces also indicates that leaning on your empathy and emotional sensitivity will help you focus on the solutions to any stalemates.

It will be up to you to ground yourself. But with the Sun in easygoing Sagittarius, you won’t be too worried either way.

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