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Gemini for January 2015


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GEMINI (May 20-June 21)

This year it looks like your relationship life settles down enough for you to actually keep track of what is happening. There’s still plenty going on and you will need to devote yourself to understanding yourself and others as a way of life. The difference is that now have a sense of what the process of your relationships is all about. First, they are indeed extensions of yourself. Second, what they “extend” into your environment is your process of making contact with your deeper self. You have experiences with others that seem impossible to have on your own. That’s not strictly true; but it’s easier to see certain things when they are projected outside of yourself. One of those things is how people actually grow and transform. You have seen people address some of the darkest elements of themselves, take a huge step and emerge in a different place. In some ways you’re less confident about being able to do this yourself, though the fact that you know others can and to take these steps is proof of what is possible. That is, it’s a demonstration of what is possible for you. Events early in the month in one especially important partnership will enable you to get underneath the surface layers of personality, ideas and opinions. On this deeper level, you can access authentic change where it really happens, at your emotional core.


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