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Belief is a power that I suggest everyone be familiar with the workings of, and the effects of. I would rate belief as anything from a necessary psychological tool to a volatile chemical capable of conjuring many strange effects. The problem with belief is that it's often taken for granted. You might think something is true, not know how you got there, not notice what possibilities you're preempting and therefore have no way to test your theory. Belief too often goes unnoticed and therefore unquestioned. Mercury moving retrograde in Aquarius is provoking you to inquire into something you may not have noticed you were carrying around. It looks like a mental pattern that was acting like a perceptual filter. That filter was creating a bias in your observations. The beauty of the moment is that you're getting some evidence of the existence of this thing, through some kind of glitch or interference—for example, a disagreement over something that seems ridiculous. Or it might be that your bias comes into focus when you bump into something that makes it obvious, potentially by showing you something else that's far more important to you. It is this encounter that sends a ripple through one particular belief and, as a result, all of your beliefs, proving that it pays to question them—and even just to observe that they exist.

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