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Geezer—Psychoriffadelia | Album Review



(Kozmik Artifactz Records/STB Records)

Kingston stoner/doom/heavy psych trio Geezer—leader Pat Harrington (guitar/vocals), Richie Touseull (bass), and Charles Ruggiero (drums)—are adept at cranking up the volume to 11 and putting the blues through the proverbial fuzztone meat grinder. This five-track EP opens with a savage cover of the Nazareth staple "Hair of the Dog" that more than matches the original in fire and guts. "Stressknots" alternates between hushed verses and heavy riffage. Contrastingly, the title track is a largely spacey instrumental. However, the trio really distinguishes itself on the final two cuts, when it plays fast and loose with song structure. Closer "Dirty Penny" opens with a lurching hard rock groove, leaving the stratosphere around the five-minute mark, when Harrington's otherworldly, effects-laden solos battle it out with the rhythm section to create some transcendent music, treading into the place where fuzzed-out blues meets space funk.

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