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As a massage receiver, I find myself naturally giving that to others in short bits—massaging a friend’s hands, gently kneading my child’s shoulders at bedtime to ease her into sleep…even my pets get some great muscle rubs sometimes (and they drool). I’m absolutely convinced that, as mammals, touch-based connection with others (as long as it’s mutually desired) is our natural way of being. We sure could use more of it!


Couples massage is a wonderful experience that two people receive together, in the same room at the same time, with two different massage therapists. In the “harmony” massage I received, the tables were side by side. You could see each other, and even talk if you so desired. Hand-holding was also just a reach away. Each person gets a massage, feels totally relaxed and rejuvenated, and somehow, this togetherness brings the couple back to their center of focus on each other. You both get the benefit of the massage and neither one of you is responsible for providing it. It truly brings you to another level of closeness. It touches your soul, opens your heart. It makes you fall deeper in love. You’re in such a comfort zone, nothing but positive vibes and tranquility fill the room and you surrender into one harmonizing entity of each other. I can tell you, it is the best date ever. And it’s not a service you should take lightly. It’s a beautiful thing that should be shared with your soul mate. It’s a memory that will always be easily accessible to my conscious mind.


My massage therapist recently referred to me, as I lay blissed out on the table as she massaged the palm of my hand, as a “conscious hedonist.” I think what she meant by that was that I am a sensualist by nature, and massage activates the organ of sense that we pay least attention to—our skin. As someone who tries to be conscious in all things, I try to be in contact with my physical container as closely as possible. Massage is a form of communing with my body through the hands of another. We all crave physical contact, closeness. And while I’m blessed to have a loving partner whom I touch and am touched by every day, being massaged is a way for me to delight in the feeling of my own body as it relaxes and loosens, and the corresponding mental calm of lying still for an hour in a distraction-free environment.


When I was receiving massage once a week, it put me in a whole different physical, emotional, and psychological space. I was relaxed yet invigorated, soothed, and expanded. Joyful! Trusting the universe! I have thought many times, if our world leaders would all get a loving massage every day, their decisions would be different and the world would be a more compassionate, patient place.

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