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Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:16 pm
Aries (March 20-April 19)
Compelling events and turning points, particularly involving your established social circle, are boldly announcing that a long phase of your life is drawing to a close. But the new phase will not begin immediately; it is still taking form in ways that you cannot see. We can, however, sum up the ending effectively by saying that you have grown too serious and too devoted to your own cause for certain people you once knew; you have been taking solid steps as an individual, and this, too, is setting you apart from others. I suggest you get used to it. It is one thing to be different; it is another thing to be unequivocally yourself. Having ideas and opinions comes at a cost, and it brings a rare kind of profit. Meanwhile, I suggest you consider this. Your ideas are not new and different; rather, they are old and different. You are seeking to preserve something traditional, while others are the ones going off in a new direction.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Difficult decisions are finally beginning to show their value, which is financial, creative, and social. What rewards you see today will take their time manifesting to full fruition, and are likely to transform a number of times in unexpected ways. Yet you are doing your part to write the future in a way that you can actually live with. The thing about pioneering any part of your life is that the territory is necessarily unfamiliar, and it involves accessing inner resources that are not as comfortable or routine as eating and going to the store. You may feel caught on a track of growth that is difficult to break free from, though this is something inherent in all true commitments. We do not just make them; they make us, and a relationship develops, and it’s never quite clear where that relationship is going to go. But it is going someplace, and taking you with it, which is more than we’ve been able to say plenty of times in the past.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
A professional situation is going to develop rapidly, but in times when it seems like it’s undoing itself, or proceeding according to some other plan than your own, you may pause and wonder. Don’t pause for too long, however, because any development can be turned to your advantage. Change is a state of flux, and that opens up the potential to shape the world in a new way. This is, however, the opposite of winning the lottery; in essence, we are talking about creating potential or tapping into a thermal heat source rather than cashing in on a structured form of return. Potential will express itself to the extent you are able to match it with spontaneous creativity. By this I mean not a set of premade instructions, nor anyone’s particular by-the-book philosophy. Rather, you must see every moment as an opportunity to create the right thing for yourself and for the world you live in; they are the same.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
While you are making an inquiry into the integrity of someone else, check in with yourself. The chances are you will determine that you are standing on solid ground and working with honest motives, but your self-inquiry will assist you in proceeding with a clear conscience. There are indeed too many possible turns where people can allow themselves to mislead in this world, so the gentler you proceed all around, the better—and you can be glad that everyone is shedding their reliance on illusions, granted, one at a time. In part due to your foresight, the damage is both minimal and reparable, and you can, at this point, keep your faith that people will get it right the second time. That is better than not getting it right at all. You are no worse for the wear, either. It takes many experiences with people to add up to wisdom, and many more to know when and how to apply it.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
You can stand your ground, or you can review the situation and figure out how you got where you are. Actually, it’s not such a bad place to be, though you may be feeling stuck, or convinced that your creativity could be better invested. The ongoing meeting of Saturn in your birth sign and Neptune in your opposite sign, Aquarius, are suggesting that at this point, your judgment is not all that it could be, and you might want to pause before deciding some things are not worth it. Indeed, their value has yet to reveal itself, and certain facts that will inform the situation have yet to come to light. Meanwhile, there is plenty to do, and you can count the ways your effort is contributing to the world on more than the fingers of one hand. For the moment, I suggest you invest your energy into establishing what is a tangible fact and what is a projection of your mind. The distinction will be helpful.

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