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Flow: For Love Of Water


Last Updated: 06/25/2013 9:54 am
Still from Flow: For Love of Water.
  • Still from Flow: For Love of Water.

Flow: For Love Of Water is a hard hitting realization that water comes at a price far greater than the one paid when purchasing it from the store. Directed by Irena Salina it takes a look at what is wrong with the way earth's most vital resource is handled and distributed. Countries who's people are too poor to pay for clean water, use the dirty rivers by their homes causing illness and death. Taking hundreds of gallons of water from the earth every minute water companies are devastating the land, but making billions of dollars for themselves. The highly inspirational film brings to light the fact that something the entire planet needs to survive is being mistreated. It's filled with interviews from a variety of people around the world all telling eye opening stories of how water is handled. It's sure to make you think a little more when turning on the faucet or taking a sip from a water bottle.

Flow: For Love Of Water
will be screening at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck on Tuesday April 5, at Time and Space Limited in Hudson on Wednesday April 16, and at the Linda WAMC's Performing Arts Studio in Albany on Thursday April 17. Movie profile; www.flowthefilm.com

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