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Financial Planning & Wellness in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Money Experts Offer Tips for Financial Health



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Meeting clients where they are is a particular focus for Jones and Simon. As certified financial transitionists, one of their specialties is working with people who are going through major life transitions such as divorce, the death of a loved one, loss of a job, or inheriting money. The aim is to create a safe space where people can find guidance with finances while dealing with intense emotions. When someone is experiencing trauma, "we create a decision-free zone where they don't make any decisions they don't absolutely need to make," says Jones. "We slow down the process and help them prioritize what needs to get handled, working toward the goal of helping them make only really good decisions."

Wherever you start on the path to financial wellness, it's possible to shift your thinking away from scarcity or a sense of lacking and toward an abundance mindset. "I've seen clients that make $18,000 or $20,000 a year have very abundant lives and travel the globe. And I've had clients that make $250,000 who can't balance a checkbook," says Jones. "When you live authentically, are aligned, and have integrity, then you'll have what you need from life."

"It's the soul's journey," adds Leffeld. "We're all here to try to reach our highest potential. If I can remove some of the fear and mystery that the Wall Streeters and newspapers have imposed on us, and at the same time encourage people to let their inner child say, 'This is the way I want to be,' then nothing is out of the realm of possibility."

Joanne Leffeld is giving a presentation at the Olive Free Library on Saturday, February 10, 11am–12pm and a workshop at Iris Retreat Center in Accord on Saturday, February 17, 3–5pm.


Joanne Leffeld

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