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B. R. Delaney comes from a lineage of casual carpenters—less fine woodworkers and more handy, around-the-house builders and fixers. Still, facility with wood came at an early age. Delaney had a shop at age eight where he would build and tinker with the little equipment and materials he had. As he got older, his aesthetic was refined by the influences of great craftspeople like Nakashima, Maloof, and Wharton Esherick. Two years ago, he took the plunge from hobbyist woodworker to professional maker, founding Fieldstone Artistry with his wife Amy. Delaney uses locally harvested timber like ash, walnut, and sycamore that he gets from loggers, friends, and friends of friends. Out of his studio in Wurtsboro, he builds custom credenzas, tables, chairs, mirrors, and, most recently, light fixtures for commission. In November, his hanging wood pendant light won a Best in Show award from the Fine Furnishings Show in Rhode Island. His work plays with the juxtaposition of straight lines and curves, creating singular pieces that showcase the wood's natural features. Exaltations of form and function, Delaney's practical, beautiful works reflect his goal of creating "more than just a piece, but an experience as a whole."

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