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Episode 62: Radical Gratitude with Will Pye


Will Pye
  • Will Pye

By age 26, Will Pye created a successful business career in charity fundraising culminating in the founding of his own company. At the same time, Will was experiencing emotional and psychological suffering that prompted a quest to find the reality of life’s biggest questions. Pye has made an exhaustive study of various fields of human endeavor and an intensive exploration of various transformative practices such as psychological techniques, meditation, yoga, Qi Gong and shamanic work.

Four years ago, Pye was diagnosed with brain cancer. His trip through illness, curiousity, and the acceptance of death is chronicled in his book Blessed with a Brain Tumor: Realizing It’s all Gift. On Saturday, October 4, at Spillian in Fleischmanns, Pye will offer a workshop titled Radical Gratitude, exploring what happens when you look at what the world throws you with gratitude, even when your first instinct is to shake your fist at the sky.

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