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Emil Alzamora Sculpture in Beacon and Manhattan


Last Updated: 08/29/2022 1:26 pm

Masochist by Emil Alzamora
  • "Masochist" by Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora is one of Chronogram's favorite artists working in the Hudson Valley. His mastery of form and materials delights us as much as his dystopian imagination frightens us. We've featured his work on the cover in February 2002 and March 2010. (These comic pieces are not representative of the work in general. Afterlife Afterthought is more like it.)

Alzamora's life-size figural sculptures are close encounters with the human form, yet most often in a deformed way. “I’ve been very obsessive about studying the body, figuring out how it works and what muscles connect to what bones, just the mechanics of it,” he told us in 2012. And what strange mechanics they are—beautiful grotesques, stretching, bending, and bulging in ways unnatural and prophetic. Alzamora has seen into the future, and it has distorted us in fascinating and alarming ways.

This Saturday, April 6, Alzamora opens a new show, "The Breakdown," at Mad Dooley in Beacon, with a reception from 6 to 9pm. Through May 5, Alzamora will also be exhibiting at Krause Gallery in Manhattan, in his second show with the gallery, "Soft Pioneers."

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