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Embrace Your Vision and Be Realistic


Last Updated: 08/28/2014 9:33 am
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The Virgo Sun is currently opposing Neptune in Pisces (exact Aug. 29 at 10:33 am). Neptune aspects are famous for being slippery -- the kind of thing that often requires frequent reality checks, and second opinions on schemes that seem too good to be true. But across the Virgo-Pisces axis, it’s possible to work some grounded practicality into any creative process.

That includes the basic creative process of living.

It’s easy to hear “creativity” and, if you don’t make your living at visual or performing art, think, “Well, that doesn’t apply to me.” We forget just how often we need to tap into something other than the logical, linear parts of our brains to solve problems at work, or to negotiate with a toddler, or to come up with a win-win outcome in a romantic relationship. Heck, even just rearranging the living room asks us to step out of “what is” and step into “what could be.”

That takes creative vision. But what sets creative vision apart from idle daydreams, outsized fantasies and flat-out delusion is the ability to connect our imaginations with the facts of our current reality and the tools at hand.

In the Sun-Neptune equation, Neptune in Pisces is the super-dreamy playground of color, light, sense impressions, mind-altering substances, parallel realities and incense-suffused erotic energy. The Sun in Virgo is the realm of applied science -- that is, translating from idea to reality and back; a Virgo Sun at its best is all about the ability to enact a detailed, logical plan, especially if done in the service of a larger goal that benefits others (including healing).

So the primary energy this weekend is about identifying what you desire, the steps needed to get there, and then starting from where you are now.

This is not a wish-upon-a-star / fairy godmother / genie situation. It’s about taking ownership of your vision, your dream, your creative impulse to make something new. Taking ownership means acknowledging how close to (or far from) making it real you actually are. Once you’ve made that measure, you can chart the steps to getting there.

Things don’t always go according to plan; yet the curve balls that may come your way could actually be beneficial synchronicities. Part of what determines that may be your own ability to be flexible (yet still realistic) with your plan. Luckily, Virgo and Pisces are both mutable signs; the ability to morph when meeting an obstacle is implied.

A couple final notes about Sun opposite Neptune: first, do make sure you present yourself as straightforwardly and honestly as you can from now through next week (and beyond, really). Be clear about your intentions; be wary of anyone who seems anything less, and ask detailed questions until you’re satisfied the conversation, situation or relationship is on solid ground and above-board. Any attempts on your part to achieve your vision by questionable means will likely backfire, as will any lapses in heeding your intuition about others if you sense a red flag.

Second, the asteroid Ceres in Scorpio is sextile the Sun and trine Neptune. The more your vision and your plan to enact it are mutually nourishing to you and those around you, the more ease you’ll likely encounter in enacting it. That nourishment may very likely come on an emotional or erotic wavelength, though in Scorpio, we could also be looking at the inflow of financial nourishment (money is just another form of energy exchange, after all).

Now go play.

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