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Editor's Note: A March Miscellany

With due respect to Harper’s magazine and visionary editor Lewis Lapham


Last Updated: 02/25/2019 6:11 pm

Number of beers on tap at Copperfield's Restaurant in Montgomery: 27 (page 74)

Year Bill Vanaver composed his first piece of music, for his girlfriend Livia's undergraduate dance recital: 1972 (page 115)

Gallons of sweet tea consumed by Molly and Doug Baz on their BBQ Odyssey: 6 (page 82)

Amount The Amazing Kreskin will pay anyone who can prove he uses secret assistance to perform his mentalist effects: $1 million (page 114)

Number of degrees in a human's natural field of vision: 240 (page 107)

Average price of the cars profiled in this month's Transportation feature: $33,438 (page 55)

Years since Royal Kedem moved its kosher winery from Long Island to Highland: 43 (page 46)

Number of places the US dropped in the Press Freedom Index from 2010 to 2011: 27 (page 20)

Cost of riding the 3-D harness racing simulator at the Harness Racing Museum in Goshen: $5 for kids, parents ride free (page 77)

Weight of Father Charlie Coen upon his arrival in America: 117 pounds (page 65)

Father Coen's weight three months later: 160 pounds

Number of categories Father Charlie Coen has won in the All-Ireland Music Championships: 4 (concertina, tin whistle, singing, and flute)

Age Carol Goodman won the Young Poet of Long Island Prize: 17 (page 69)

Cost of a one-hour tour at Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner (includes three tastings): $15 (page 46)

Years jazz drummer Dr. Marvin Bugalu Smith spent living in Italy: 25 (page 65)

Percentage by which you are more likely to develop a brain tumor after 10 years of cell phone use: 50 (page 98)

Percentage increase in the number of towns profiled in our Community Pages this month vs. last month: 50 (pages 46, 74)

Varieties of vegetables grown at Four Winds Farm in Gardiner and at its Garrison annex: 150 (page 52)

Number of self-immolations in the past year by ethnic Tibetans in China: 19 (page 20)

Cost of attending a gala dinner hosted by Natalie Merchant: $125 (page 115)

Cost of downloading Pruning: An Illustrated Guide to Pruning Ornamental Trees & Shrubs by Donald Rakow and Richard Weir: Free (page 29)

Number of days it will take to celebrate the divine feminine at the Woodstock Goddess Festival: 3 (page 120)

Number of straw bales needed to construct the Gomes-McGinniss straw-bale home: 350 (page 24)

Cost of a 60-pound bag of hydraulic lime stucco: $40

Number of bags needed to coat the Gomes-McGinniss home with three layers of stucco: 200

Year the Mountain Brauhaus opened its bratwurst-loving doors in Gardiner: 1955 (page 46)

Net worth of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson: $21.5 billion (page 21)

Amount Adelson has given to support Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign: $11 million

Additional amount Adelson says he is willing to give to a Republican candidate this year: $100 million

Books coauthored by lawyer-activist Michael Ratner reviewed in this issue: 2 (page 70)

Number of pages of declassified government documents in Ratner and Smith's Who Killed Che?: 111

Year the Common Cold Center in England published a paper finding a link between a drop in body temperature and getting a cold: 2005 (page 99)

Cost of jumping out of an airplane at Skydive the Ranch in Gardiner: $219 (page 46)

Number of days the Buddha sat under a tree before his enlightenment: 49 (page 100)

How much chocolate is recommended per day for positive health effects: 10 grams (page 98)

Number of outraged letters we received this month: 0

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