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Eat, Drink & Be Merry at Hudson's Newest Cinema

Cosmic Cinemas Offers Craft Beer, Wine, Cocktails & Made-to-Order Bites



Remember when going to the cinema was a great night out? Many of us do most of our movie-watching at home these days, and while it is convenient, it’s just not the same—the big screen, the lowered lights, the concessions, the collective gasp or laughter shared with strangers. At mainstream mall cineplexes, a lot of the mojo was lost long ago. Nobody misses overpriced snackbar junk or the plasticized environment, and at least at home you can have a drink.

Well, rejoice. There’s a whole new option for an evening out coming to Hudson this week.

Terrell Braly, known for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Cinebarre brands, is taking over the former Fairview in Hudson and opening a three-screen Cosmic Cinema on November 16. Tables have replaced the rows of seats, the former Angela’s Pizza and Pasta at 160 Fairview Avenue has been converted into a restaurant kitchen, and moviegoers can enjoy chef-made appetizers, entrees, desserts, and cocktails onsite, during the feature presentation.

The exterior of Cosmic Cinema in Hudson mid-construction.
  • The exterior of Cosmic Cinema in Hudson mid-construction.

It’ll be the first restaurant/bar/cinema combo north of Yonkers, and Braly is excited to bring the concept to Columbia County. The upstate locations (there’s another planned for Albany) are very considered choices. “‘Hudson is undergoing a major artistic and entertainment renaissance,” Braly says, “Cosmic Cinemas is excited to have the opportunity to be part of it.”

Braly’s establishments bring a whole new meaning to dinner and a movie. The overpriced Milk Duds and licorice whips? Gone, baby, gone. Instead, come hungry. You’ll be seated at a comfy table, savoring fresh-baked pizza, or maybe a burger or veggie burger with some hand-cut fries. The stale coffee has been replaced by Teavana organic, hot or iced, and Harmony and Sons organic teas. There are milkshakes made with premium hand-dipped ice cream, cheesecake drizzled with strawberry sauce, and hot apple pie for dessert.

And get this, they’re keeping the good part of the snack bar: You can order a nice big bowl of fresh popcorn. With butter, if you like—real butter.

Then there’s the bar, offering craft beer, wine and cocktails. Not only do you get real food, there’s no need to supplement a weak $5 fountain soda from your pocket flask. Keep it classy and above board, when you opt for a Hudson Brewing stout or a Crossroads golden ale, a cider, a wine, a cocktail.

The bar and lobby under construction.
  • The bar and lobby under construction.

Civilized kids accompanied by a parent are welcome—there’s even a kid’s menu—but babies are not, nor are unchaperoned minors. Nor are cell phones. Talking during the feature is against the rules. You know, the rules we all want each other to live by in a movie theatre. Well, at Cosmic Cinemas, they’ll be enforced.

Braly’s concept—providing mature movie lovers good food and libations in an environment free of distraction and annoyance—sounds like it will bear more resemblance to a private screening room for first-run and art-house bookings, premieres, celebrity appearances, and themed festivals. A fine meal and a fine film enjoyed among like-minded company? We’re there.

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