Lobster Fest Returns to Old Klaverack Brewery 8/11/2018

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Don Thy Bibs, Lobster Fest Returns to Old Klaverack Brewery 8/11

Chow Down on Fresh Caught Maine Lobster at this Hudson Nano Brewery



Summertime in the Hudson Valley is all about the food—whether it’s a farm dinner, a food festival, a farmers’ market, or a pop-up food event, there’s many opportunities to eat to your stomach’s content. But being inland, one thing we don’t see a lot of is seafood. (And if you do see it, chances are it’s not fresh.) Well get ready, foodies, because here’s one more event to add to your plate—a catch-of-the-day lobster jamboree in Columbia County.

Old Klaverack Brewery will host its second annual Lobster Fest on Saturday, August 11. Food, beer, local wine, and local cocktails will flow at this happening summer shindig. Leave the beaten path and head to the brewery’s farm in Hudson, a quarter-acre hop yard of climbing green, where you’ll don your bib and dine in good company. A $30 ticket gets you a full lobster, local corn and potatoes, and a pint of beer (can’t beat that!) There will be a live music by Let’s B Frank, outdoor games like cornhole, and plenty of tables for you and a group of friends and family to sit back and relax.

“It’s a big hang out,” says Erik Bell, Old Klaverack owner and head brewer. “You don’t need to purchase a lobster ticket to attend. We’ll have a bunch of beers on and you can just come and have a good time.”

Lobster Fest all started last year after Bell spoke with his friend who owns a property in Maine and has good rapport with a local fisherman. He invited Bell to come lobster fishing and offered to help kickstart the event. All lobsters served at the fest—about 125 of them this year—are freshly caught in Maine the same day. “We go up Friday night to Maine, stay at [my friend’s] property, get up the next morning at 5:30, at the docks by 6:15, load the lobsters in, drive back Saturday, and we’re steaming lobsters for everyone by 2,” Bell says.

The live lobsters are cooked on site and served to ticket-holding attendees. Of course, there will be plenty of beer options to pair with this savory delicacy. Old Klaverack is a nano farm brewery, producing a variety of beers on a two-barrel system—“You name it, we try to brew it,” Bell says. They source most ingredients locally, including malts from Hudson Valley Malt.

For a refreshing summer taste, try their flagship craft brew, Spookrock IPA. It’s a New England-style IPA with big, tropical fruit notes—“juicy, not that bitter,” Bell says. Other beer choices include Thielman Pale Ale, Klaverack Kream, and Dunbar Stout, and Brookbound Porter.

Lobster Fest kicks off at 12pm on August 11, and lobster is served at 2pm. Buy tickets online from Old Klaverack Brewery.


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