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Dancing in the Dark


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:12 pm

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Within standing relationships, Venus retrograde is a chance to bring up subject matter that might otherwise be difficult to speak about, or that is so buried it’s usually inaccessible. People in nearly all couples have secrets they’ve never shared with one another, and these secrets can place a burden on intimacy and block a lot of happiness. Many of them are sexual secrets. I suggest that you declare amnesty with your partner and get that stuff out on the table, where you can address it and heal it while the climate is viable for such a project.

Scorpio is one of the most important signs of marriage and other forms of commitment, and Venus is keen on exploring the inner depths of those bonds. So with Venus retrograde here, there’s a theme of understanding the interior nature of commitment—of the actual elements that make up a commitment, rather than the story we tell ourselves. There are many, ranging from desire, to obligation, to expectation, to need, to financial dependency, to sexual dependency. Venus retrograde will help you sort the material where you can understand what constitute the actual points of bonding rather than the stuff that seems like connection but really is not.
Shared finances also come into focus here, by the way; they are also under the realm of both Scorpio and Venus. If you need to work out issues where joint money matters are concerned, now is the time to go there.

On all these projects, I suggest you get an early start. The starting point just a day after the Libra New Moon of October 7. This is an event that will help us peer into that corner of the mind where we try to work out the issue of what makes us feel safe. It’s fair to say, we don’t get to feel safe very often on the planet, whether we’re talking about our homes, our relationships or the aspects of our psyches were we mediate the issue. The Libra New Moon will help us start this discussion with goal in mind, on an inward level. If we begin with the awareness of our needs and stick to that as a value that guides us, we can use this Venus retrograde to take us to a deeper place emotionally, one where we can resolve some of our inner contradictions and make room to have our authentic desires fulfilled.

None of this will happen by itself, though, but let’s say that the psychic winds and currents are all going the right direction to help us get to that inner shore.

  • Eric Francis Coppolino

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