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Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:12 pm

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Then, one dollar out of every seven spent in the United States is spent on “health care” and yet tens of millions of people have no coverage, and many of them cannot afford to go to the doctor. The pharmaceuticals, the insurers, the hospitals, and the governments are all locked into a kind of daisy chain that circulates this 15 percent the gross domestic product. I have a friend who, in her late twenties, got Hodgkin’s disease. She had good health insurance, and spent the whole two years on chemo fighting with her insurance company, which wanted to dump her. She survived—and is still $100,000 in debt. The only place this could not be considered a scandal is a society with no values.

To me, the weird part is that you can (with the help of billionaire financial backers) build a political movement based on the notion that you should be able to go to the doctor but your neighbor should not. This is supposedly fiscal conservatism, wherein poor people side with the ultrarich, not understanding they’re being played. In a similar situation, consider how Wall Street profited on playing games with mortgage-backed securities, leaving the lucky people with upside-down mortgages and the unlucky ones foreclosed.

Let’s get even more personal. Venus in Scorpio is one of those “all about sex” kinds of placements. Even the words have the aura of a nightclub strip tease, or a dark street in one of Amsterdam’s Feu Rouge districts. The times we’re in sexually are every bit as strange as our economics. It turns out that former Republican chairman Ken Mehlman, who organized many anti-gay marriage referenda, is gay. We’re supposed to believe that Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Bag Republican candidate for Senate from Delaware, is a remade virgin who does not experience orgasm because it would stir up too much lust in her heart. Famously, she came out against masturbation in the 1990s, saying it was not an adequate way to help kids refrain from risky sexual behavior because it’s a form of adultery. We need to be asking why people repeatedly fall for this kind of denial.
But of all the sexual weirdness I’ve found, purity balls win the prize.  What’s that, you haven’t heard of purity balls? These are parties where fathers and teenage and preteen daughters attend. The daughters vow chastity till they’re married, and the fathers vow to protect their daughter’s honor, and also not to cheat on their wives. The girls are dressed in white bridal outfits and the fathers in suits or tuxedos. They give the girls a ring; there’s lots of prayer and sometimes a big cross is in the middle of the room. It has the flavor of a neo-Pagan ritual combined with a burlesque act mixed with a 1950s prom crossed with a wedding blended with a Klan rally. (If you search my name and the phrase “purity ball” in Google you’ll get a vivid picture of such an event.) Once again, we attempt to “solve” the “problem” of sex with denial. As someone on the Planet Waves blog commented the other day, “I would like the idea a lot better if the fathers pledged not to have sex with their daughters.”)

So, in the midst of all this vertigo, what happens when Venus in Scorpio turns retrograde? Well, we’ll get to see the shadow beneath the denial. I would reckon that plenty more is going to come out in the public realm; there is more unmasking to come. However, this is a transit with the deepest individual expression. We will be pulled into that underwater world of Scorpio and made to confront all the ways our purity trips are really denial trips. Venus retrograde in Scorpio will give a momentary glimpse, indeed, a brief tour, of what it is that we’re denying.

The healing potential here is rich. Venus retrograde will make it easy to revisit aspects of the past we’ve hidden from view, acknowledge the matter and experience the feelings. From there, it will be a lot easier to move on—far easier than if we have no idea what’s lurking under the surface. People we need to speak to, hear from, apologize to, or share love with can actually come back into our lives under Venus retrograde. It’s what you might call an opportunity to resolve karma. Since it often arrives with interesting sexual opportunities, it’s also a chance to have fun and/or make some new karma as well.

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