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Cultivating Gratitude, Cleansing the Soul



October features powerful shifts in energies in an already disruption-filled year. There is no status quo despite our longing for just a little respite from what often seems like constant upheaval. Yet it’s the promise of creative conflict and the solutions that might emerge that gives us hope—if we can summon the self-control to keep cool while everyone else is heating up.

Mars opposite Chiron and Mercury retrograde square Pluto October 1, creating an extremely volatile environment where great risk can yield either great reward or spectacular failure. This is true of those who are expressly vulnerable and lay their vulnerability at the seat of a power they hope will save and protect them. Unwillingness to face the uncomfortable mess of life confronts us at the New Moon in Libra with Sun and Mars inconjunct Uranus and Pluto direct October 6. We can either look away and pretend it’s not happening or turn to confront it head on.

Some of the drag we’ve been collectively experiencing gets lifted when Saturn stations direct October 10, and both Mercury and Jupiter go direct October 18. The Sun trines Jupiter October 15 and hope springs eternal. Yet powerful forces don’t see eye to eye, and conflict emerges at the Sun’s squares to Pluto October 17.

A brave Full Moon in Aries October 20 bolsters bravado, but what it takes to survive the ruthless power struggles of the square of Mars and Pluto October 22 is extreme self-control, laser-like focus, and a deep self-knowledge unable to be swayed by the influence of others. The Sun/Saturn square October 30 demands that everyone get a seat at the table, or the table gets overturned and burned for firewood. If we can keep cool heads when everyone else is burning, common sense can prevail.

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