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Boni-Bel Farm & Country Store

301 Doansburg Road, Brewster
(845) 279-1090
Boni-Bel Farm offers a simple “pay-as-you-go” system. Members will receive an extra 10 percent green incentive on a chosen pre-payment amount ranging from $100 to $500, which can be used to purchase Boni-Bel Farm products at the Country Store. For extra perks on produce, you can work on the farm, although work is not required to have a share.

Brook Farm Project

60 Gatehouse Road, New Paltz
(845) 255-1052; www.brookfarmproject.org
The CSA share consists of a wide variety of mixed vegetables, all sustainably grown. Several additional products offered for a fee: pick-your-own raspberries and blueberries, free-range eggs, pastured chicken, and grass-fed beef. Full shares can be picked up every week, half shares can be picked up every other week, and student shares have a weekly pickup during fall semester. Share costs are on a sliding scale. A full share costs $950, or $750 with the completion of 20 hours work for the season, a half share is $550, or $450 with the completion of 10 hours work for the season, and a student share is available late August through Thanksgiving and costs $350 plus the completion of 10 hours of work for the season.

Cascade Farm

124 Harmony Road, Patterson
(845) 878-3258; www.cascadefarmschool.org
At Cascade Farm, a variety of vegetables are available, as well as eggs, honey, and maple syrup. Full shares are available for $575 each. Shares can be picked up at the farm once a week. Each share averages about 10 pounds per week over 20 weeks, from June to mid-October. All shares are full for 2010.

Common Ground Farm
79 Farmstead Lane, Wappingers Falls
(845) 231-4424; www.commongroundfarm.org
Common Ground Farm’s season is June through October. There is only one share size for the 2010 season, a large share, costing $500 and a minimum of 10 hours a season. A non- working share is also available for $600.

Eats Village Farm
677 Sawkill Road, Kingston
(845) 532-2448; www.eatsvillagefarm.com
Eats Village uses only organic fertilizer and offers fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Types of shares: full costs $660, senior costs $300 to $550, half cost $375. Herb and flower shares are available for an extra cost: $175 for a full share, $75 for a half share, and $50 to $100 for seniors. Working shares are also available—a full share requires six hours per week and a half share requires three hours per week. Pick-ups are Sundays 12pm to 3pm at the farm. Local delivery is available for $50 extra per year. All shares are full for 2010.

The Farm at Miller’s Crossing
81 Roxbury Road, Hudson
(518) 851-2331; www.farmatmillerscrossing.com
A regular share is $475, and a single share is $247.50. Shares give members vegetables and herbs from June through October. Volunteering for pickup distribution is required of members, at least one or  two sessions preseason. Distributions are Tuesday at the farm. All shares are full for 2010.

Fishkill Farms

9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell Junction
(845) 897-4377; www.fishkillfarms.com
Fishkill Farms is primarily an apple orchard but also offers dozens of pick-your-own fruits (including cherries, berries, peaches, and nectarines) and five acres of vegetables. All produce is organically grown. The season runs from June to November. A fruit share is $350 supplying enough for a large family. The fruit and vegetable share is $625 and includes the same amount of fruit as a fruit share with the addition of vegetables—enough to supply a large family or an avid canner. They also offer an apple club for those who can't participant all season. The apple share runs from September to October and is $140. It provides 120 pounds of apples plus the option of 15 pounds of pears or either one large, two medium, or two small pumpkins. The sign up deadline is May 15.

Fog and Thistle Farm

4872 Route 9G, Germantown
(518) 537-6139; www.fogandthistlefarm.com
Fog and Thistle Farm is 60 acres of vegetable fields, an apple orchard, an active sugar bush, and medicinal herbs. They use no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds and adhere to organic standards while incorporating biodynamic methods.  Pick-ups will be market style every week at the farm, and members receive a newsletter with recipes as well. A farm share is $500 from June 8-October 19, a low income share is available by application for $250, an autumn harvest share is $150 and runs five weeks from October 19 to Thanksgiving, or you can sponsor a share for a donation of $1-$450 which helps support low income shares.

Fruitful Harvest Farm
185 Sawkill Road, Kingston
(845) 339-0833; www.fruitfulharvestfarm.com
Beginning the first week in June and running through the first or second week in November, enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Choose a quarter share for one person at $275, a half share for three people at $430, or feed six with a full share at $710. Pickups are at the farm on Tuesday and Wednesday from 2pm to 7pm.

Glynwood Center
1 Glynwood Road, Cold Spring
(845) 265-3338; www.glynwood.org
Glynwood grows Certified Naturally Grown vegetables, as well as flowers, eggs, and pasture-fed chickens. Glynwood Center farm’s season: June to October. Full shares are $650 each for 20 weeks. CSA volunteers must commit at least one day per week (2 hours) for eight weeks. All shares are full for 2010.

Harmony Farm
144 Broadlea Road, Goshen
(845) 294-3181; harmonyfarmcsa@yahoo.com
Harmony Farm CSA grows vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Working shares are $400 for the season with the agreement to work at the farm 30 hours a season. Standard shares are $600 for the season, with no work required and include 10 to 12 items per week. A small share is available for $400, and includes six to eight items per week. The season lasts for 24 weeks from June to November; shares collected weekly.

Hawthorne Valley Farm

327 Route 21C, Ghent (Harlemville)
(518) 672-7500 x105; www.hawthornevalleyfarm.org
Hawthorne Valley Farm grows over 40 varieties of vegetables on a 10-acre market garden using organic and biodynamic farming methods. Members can choose from full vegetable shares or a vegetable and fruit share. The cost of a share runs from $460 to $710 depending on the type of share and location. Pick-ups for the 2010 season will be at the farm in Harlemville, Garden City, and Riverdale.

Healthy Harvest CSA at Johnson's Farm
180 Carpenter Road, Hopewell Junction
(845) 430-3233; www.healthyharvestcsa.org
The 22 week season offers a variety of herbs and produce grown without chemicals. A full, working share is available for $615 and 15 hours work for the season and a small, working share is available for $335 and 10 hours work for the season. A full, non-working share goes for $735 and a small, non-working share is $435. Pickup is at the farm on Thursday from late afternoon to early evening.

Hearty Roots Farm
223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook
(845) 943-8699; www.heartyroots.com
Hearty Roots farm has sites in Tivoli, Kingston, and Woodstock. CSA shares include a wide range of seasonal vegetables and some fruit. At certain CSA pick-up sites, add-ons are available such as fruit, eggs, and dry beans. A full share costs $590 and an every-other-week share costs $325. Members are encouraged to join the farm on community work days and farm celebrations. You receive 8 to 10 varieties of produce, a total of 5 to 20 pounds per week/bi-weekly. The season runs for 22 weeks, from June to October.

Hudson Valley Fiber Farm
641 Hortontown Road, Hopewell Junction
(914) 474-8000; www.hudsonvalleyfiberfarm.com
Hudson Valley Fiber Farm is the first “Fiber CSA” in the country, offering yarn from Merino sheep and Angora goats. A full share is $160, a half share is $82, and a double share is $300. There is also a farm membership and farm and food consulting available.

Hugenot Street Farm
205 Hugenot Street, New Paltz
(845) 810-0033; www.flyingbeet.com
This 77 acre farm grows 125 types of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. CSA options include the Nano Share, 10 every-other-week distributions alternated with access to the U-pick area for $395; the Basic Share, 21 weekly distributions for $725; and the Big Share, also 21 weekly distributions but 50 percent bigger than the Basic Share for $1065. These shares include access to the U-pick area, early or extended season options, vacation options, and Huguenot Street Farm offers a full pro-rated refund if you decide to leave the CSA at any point. You can build onto your vegetable CSA with a fruit share for $195. All shares are full for 2010.

J & A Bialas Farm
Indiana Road, Goshen
(845) 360-5380; www.jabialasfarm.com
This black dirt region farm and CSA is in its first year of operation, though its farmers have decades of experience. The 22 week long CSA offers produce to feed two to six people each week. Options include: Tuesday night pickup at the farm for $495, Friday morning pickup in Manhattan for $595, and Saturday morning pickup in Pleasantville (Westchester County) for $595.

Little Seed Garden
P.O. Box 195, Chatham
(518) 392-0063, www.littleseedgardens.com
This 97-acre, family farm offers a CSA share for $475. Vegetables are grown without the use of synthetic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers and Little Seed Garden is certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York. Bring a box or bag to pick up your share Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm at the farm or Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm in Rhinebeck.

Midsummer Farm
156 East Ridge Road, Warwick,
(845) 986-9699; www.midsummerfarm.com
Midsummer Farm is a small (24 shares) certified organic, certified animal welfare-approved, biodynamic CSA. Vegetables, herbs, greens, cut flowers, and eggs are available. Shares are determined by product type. A vegetable share costs $625, an egg share is $125 for spring and summer (16 weeks) and $85 for winter, an herb share is $55, a cut flower share is $60, a nut and seed share is $368, and a fruit share is $560. There is also a vegetable and herb share for $1,195. All shares are full for 2010.

Northwind Farms
185 West Kerley Corners Road, Tivoli
(845)757-5591; www.northwindfarmsallnatural.com
Northwind Farms is family run and provides all natural poultry, turkey, duck, rabbit, goat, and pasture-raised pork and beef. Their season runs from June to September. A full share is $600 (20 to 22 pounds per month,) a half share is $280 (10 to 12 pounds per month,) and a family share is available for $700 (35 to 37 pounds per month) for four months. Both include chicken plus pork and beef in various cuts depending on availability. Pick-ups will be once a month at the farm, Woodstock Farm Festival Market, and Kingston Farmers Market. The deadline for sign up is May 15.

Old Ford Farm
1104 Old Ford Road, New Paltz
(845) 220-7819
A CSA share at Old Ford Farm is 24 weeks of produce, access to a pick-your own herb garden, and a weekly newsletter with recipes for $700. They also sell a variety of farm products to CSA members. Pickup is on Wednesdays from 4pm to 7pm or Saturdays from noon to 3pm.

Phillies Bridge Farm Project
45 Phillies Bridge Road, New Paltz
(845) 256-9108; www.philliesbridge.org
Eggs, an extensive variety of vegetables in season, and options shares for sweet corn, berries, and orchard fruits are all available. A CSA farm share costs $500 and includes farm membership. A split share, which also includes farm membership, is $265. Optional shares, which are distributed in season, are: $70 for a full dozen corn share, $35 for a half dozen corn share, $90 for a berry share, and $90 for an orchard fruit share.  The season runs from late May until mid-November. Pickup at the farm every Saturday.

Poughkeepsie Farm Project
Corner of Raymond and Hooker Avenues, Poughkeepsie,
(845) 473-1415; www.farmproject.org
Standard shares run full season from June-November and small shares run for the summer or fall only. There are also non-working shares available. Standard shares are about 10 lbs per week and small shares run about 5lbs per week. Each share will feature seasonal vegetables and fruits, plus pick-your-own options. Contact the Poughkeepsie Farm Project for prices. All shares are full for 2010.

Red Oak Farm
1921 Route 9, Stuyvesant
(518) 799-2052; www.redoakfarmny.com
Enjoy 40 varieties of produce over Red Oak Farm's season from mid-May to mid-November for $410. In addition to fruits and veggies, the farm grows culinary and medicinal herbs and specializes in roots and cold-hardy crops throughout the winter. CSA members receive an email a week prior to pickup allowing them to pick the six or seven items they'd like in their next share. There is also an egg share available. One dozen eggs per week for the season goes for $95 and a half dozen per week is $50. Eggs are also available for special order. Pickup is available at the farm or at the Hudson or Albany Farmers Markets.

Regeneration CSA

81 Clove Valley Road, High Falls
(845) 687-0535; www.regenerationCSA.org
This CSA takes its name from regenerative agriculture, referring to farming practices that preserve soil fertility and respect the planet by avoiding or eliminating fossil fuel use. The cost of a share is on a sliding scale with a suggested price of $725. The 24 week share offers a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Members are often welcome to take extra produce to can and preserve. Pickup at the farm.

Rondout Valley Organics
845-647-6911 or 845-647-2254; www.farmtocity.org
Rondout Valley Organics is a cooperative CSA made up of Farm & Granary, Rusty Plough Farm, and August Farm, all located in Wawarsing. In this unique set-up, place an order each week for what you want, no minimum requirements. The value of your order is then taken out from your account. Membership is $50 and a share is $250. See the website for the list of pickup locations.

Roxbury Farm

2343 Route 9H, Kinderhook,
(518) 758-8558; www.roxburyfarm.com
Roxbury Farm offers vegetables, fruit, pasture-raised pork, lamb, and beef. Shares are for a total of 25 weeks, from June to December, and cost between $493 and $572, depending on site location. A 22 week fruit share is $70. If you opt out of work there is a work requirement surcharge of $40.  One share yields enough produce for a family of four—10-17 pounds of freshly harvested produce each week. There are various pickup locations throughout the Capital Region.

Ryder Farm Cottage Industries
400 Starr Ridge Road, Brewster
(845) 279-4161; www.ryderfarmorganic.com  
Ryder Farm has a 16 week season offering organically grown herbs, fresh-cut flowers, and vegetables. A full share is $450 and a half share is $225. Though there is no work commitment, members are encouraged to visit and welcome to volunteer. Pickup is at the farm anytime after noon on Wednesdays.

Second Wind CSA at the Four Winds Farm
158 Marabac Road, Gardiner
(845) 417-5624;
Second Wind CSA is located at the Four Winds Farm, a 24-acre certified organic, no-till, diversified farm. The farm offers a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs, including heirloom tomatoes and specialty greens. Fresh eggs from pastured hens and grass-fed beef and poultry are available. Apple shares are available from Liberty View Farm for $12. A basic share is $500. Pickups will be at the farm or in Garrison for an additional $75.

Shoving Leopard Farm

845 River Road, Barrytown
(845) 758-9961; www.shovingleopardfarm.org
Mixed vegetables, pick-your-own flowers and honey (from Anarchy Apiaries) are available. Shares available: full vegetable shares, weekender (half) vegetable share, floral share, egg share (through Awesome Farm in Tivoli), and possible fall fruit share (through Montgomery Place Orchards in Annandale-on-Hudson). A vegetable share costs $375 and includes produce, eggs, flowers, and honey, and a flower share costs $125 for 12 weeks. Pickup is weekly at the garden, either Tuesdays or Fridays, 4pm to 7pm from early/mid-June through October. All vegetable shares are full for 2010.

Sisters Hill Farm

127 Sisters Hill Road, Stanfordville
(845) 868-7048; www.sistershillfarm.org
Sisters Hill Farm grows more than 100 varieties of 50 different vegetables. The season lasts from June to November. Shares can be picked up on Saturdays or Tuesdays at the farm and provide 4 to 15 pounds of vegetables per week. The cost for a weekly share is $600 to $700. An every other week share is $325 to $375. Pickups are Tuesdays at the farm or the College of Mount St. Vincent, Bronx, and Saturday at the farm.

Sycamore Farm

1851 Route 211, Middletown
(845) 692-2684; www.sycamorefarmsny.com
Enjoy a variety of herbs, flowers, fruits, and veggies from June to October. The CSA full share is $550 and the half share is $325. Pick your own strawberries on Saturday mornings and on Tuesday when you pick up  your weekly share. Pickup times are 1pm to 3pm and 4pm to 7pm.

Threshold Farm

16 Summit Street, Philmont
(518) 672-5509
The $435 vegetable CSA runs from the end of May through early November with the option of a nightshade-free share. There is also a fruit CSA available including apples, pears, and peaches. Pickup at the farm on Tuesday from 1pm to 9pm or Friday at 1pm until noon on Saturday.

Taliaferro Farms
187 Plains Road, New Paltz
(845) 256-1592; www.taliaferrofarms.com
From May through October, Taliaferro Farms grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. At times, there are 20 to 30 different types of produce to choose from for your weekly share. Members can also purchase produce at a discount price, in addition to their CSA share. Full shares cost $900 per year and offer nine different kinds of produce, and partial shares provides half a full share and cost $475 per year.

Veritas Farms
32 Rousner Lane, New Paltz
384-6888; www.VeritasFarms.com
Veritas Farms offers two different CSA options. The first is a Vegetable Buying Club using a credit system. For $199, members can select what and how much they want every Saturday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. The more traditional CSA runs for 20 weeks and goes for $425 or $450 with a Thanksgiving Basket included. Pickup is at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project from 4pm to 7pm on Mondays. Veritas Farms also sells heritage and pastured raised beef, pork, and eggs.

The W. Rogowski Farm
327-329 Glenwood Road, Pine Island
(845) 258-4574; www.rogowskifarm.com
Rogowski Farm offers vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. The season lasts for 26 weeks from June through November. A full or large share is enough vegetables for a family of 3 to 4 for 1 week. A half or small share suits a smaller household. Share prices are $800 for a full share and $400 for a half share. Pick-ups are once a week at the farm or Warwick Valley Farmers Market.

Walnut Grove Farms
285 Youngblood Road, Montgomery
(845) 313-4855; www.walnutgrovefarms.net
A full share costs $350 per year with a work commitment of one to two hours per week. A full share with no work required is $425 per year. A variety of produce is available, with meat, pies, and jams offered for an additional cost.


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