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Boni-Bel Farm & Country Store

301 Doansburg Road, Brewster
(845) 279-1090
Boni-Bel Farm offers a simple “pay-as-you-go” system. Members will receive an extra 10 percent green incentive on a chosen pre-payment amount ranging from $100 to $500, which can be used to purchase Boni-Bel Farm products at the Country Store. For extra perks on produce, you can work on the farm, although work is not required to have a share.

Brook Farm Project

60 Gatehouse Road, New Paltz
(845) 255-1052; www.brookfarmproject.org
The CSA share consists of a wide variety of mixed vegetables, all sustainably grown. Several additional products offered for a fee: pick-your-own raspberries and blueberries, free-range eggs, pastured chicken, and grass-fed beef. Full shares can be picked up every week, half shares can be picked up every other week, and student shares have a weekly pickup during fall semester. Share costs are on a sliding scale. A full share costs $950, or $750 with the completion of 20 hours work for the season, a half share is $550, or $450 with the completion of 10 hours work for the season, and a student share is available late August through Thanksgiving and costs $350 plus the completion of 10 hours of work for the season.

Cascade Farm

124 Harmony Road, Patterson
(845) 878-3258; www.cascadefarmschool.org
At Cascade Farm, a variety of vegetables are available, as well as eggs, honey, and maple syrup. Full shares are available for $575 each. Shares can be picked up at the farm once a week. Each share averages about 10 pounds per week over 20 weeks, from June to mid-October. All shares are full for 2010.

Common Ground Farm
79 Farmstead Lane, Wappingers Falls
(845) 231-4424; www.commongroundfarm.org
Common Ground Farm’s season is June through October. There is only one share size for the 2010 season, a large share, costing $500 and a minimum of 10 hours a season. A non- working share is also available for $600.

Eats Village Farm
677 Sawkill Road, Kingston
(845) 532-2448; www.eatsvillagefarm.com
Eats Village uses only organic fertilizer and offers fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Types of shares: full costs $660, senior costs $300 to $550, half cost $375. Herb and flower shares are available for an extra cost: $175 for a full share, $75 for a half share, and $50 to $100 for seniors. Working shares are also available—a full share requires six hours per week and a half share requires three hours per week. Pick-ups are Sundays 12pm to 3pm at the farm. Local delivery is available for $50 extra per year. All shares are full for 2010.

The Farm at Miller’s Crossing
81 Roxbury Road, Hudson
(518) 851-2331; www.farmatmillerscrossing.com
A regular share is $475, and a single share is $247.50. Shares give members vegetables and herbs from June through October. Volunteering for pickup distribution is required of members, at least one or  two sessions preseason. Distributions are Tuesday at the farm. All shares are full for 2010.

Fishkill Farms

9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell Junction
(845) 897-4377; www.fishkillfarms.com
Fishkill Farms is primarily an apple orchard but also offers dozens of pick-your-own fruits (including cherries, berries, peaches, and nectarines) and five acres of vegetables. All produce is organically grown. The season runs from June to November. A fruit share is $350 supplying enough for a large family. The fruit and vegetable share is $625 and includes the same amount of fruit as a fruit share with the addition of vegetables—enough to supply a large family or an avid canner. They also offer an apple club for those who can't participant all season. The apple share runs from September to October and is $140. It provides 120 pounds of apples plus the option of 15 pounds of pears or either one large, two medium, or two small pumpkins. The sign up deadline is May 15.

Fog and Thistle Farm

4872 Route 9G, Germantown
(518) 537-6139; www.fogandthistlefarm.com
Fog and Thistle Farm is 60 acres of vegetable fields, an apple orchard, an active sugar bush, and medicinal herbs. They use no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds and adhere to organic standards while incorporating biodynamic methods.  Pick-ups will be market style every week at the farm, and members receive a newsletter with recipes as well. A farm share is $500 from June 8-October 19, a low income share is available by application for $250, an autumn harvest share is $150 and runs five weeks from October 19 to Thanksgiving, or you can sponsor a share for a donation of $1-$450 which helps support low income shares.

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