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Last Updated: 08/23/2016 9:20 am

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Not many MDs prescribe pleasure as a path to better health, but you do. Why?

The body requires regular pleasure in order to sustain itself, to balance hormones such as beta endorphin and serotonin. We need those things. If we don't get them directly, we will get them in a way that is not sustainable: marijuana, drugs, alcohol. Pleasure needs to be a regular part of life; there's just no way around it. For me it's going outside, playing music, dancing, eating well. I just rented a Celtic harp; I was a harpist in medical school and all during college but I let it go. The part of me that wanted to learn the harp when I was four is back, but instead of getting into the classical grind of it, I can actually just make music.

Is the goal of an Ageless Goddess to live as long as possible, or is it more about enjoying our time on Earth right here, right now?

To me, longevity is another discussion that I think is kind of worthless. Who cares if you want to live to 100? I would much rather live well. Happy, healthy, dead: That's a good motto. I exercise, I take supplements, I dance—I do all of that stuff to be in the world. But if I died tomorrow it would be okay. There's no fear. I'm not doing any of this stuff to live longer; I'm doing it because living right now works really well. And I'm finding that many things keep improving in my body and in my life.

We're moving through time in a physical body, no question about that—we're here for a while. I haven't seen anyone become immortal, though there are certainly stories about it. So what you want to do is see getting older as an opportunity to increase your value and confidence. When you stand in your power as a goddess, people stand at attention. The male energy exists to serve the feminine; we have a lot more power than we think. We doubt ourselves and we lower our vibration, but we don't need to do that.

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