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When you are in that place, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine a beautiful waterfall of light coming down from above. Let that light wash away all your daily concerns. When you feel those concerns have left you, next draw loving energy from Mother Earth in through the soles of your feet. So, from above you are allowing the light to flow through you; from below you allow Mother Earth to nurture you. Picture yourself as a conduit between heaven and Earth.

Next, link your heart to your angel’s heart with light. The best way to find your angel is to imagine that your angel is floating above your head. Feel for a sense of connection as you invite your angel to join you. Your angel is with you when you feel relaxed and more lighthearted. (A smile always comes to my lips when I first connect to the angels!) Then, allow questions or requests to flow. You may wish to ask, for instance, what you are missing in your current life’s equation—why you don’t feel as alive and joyful as you wish. Or perhaps you seek the answer to a relationship that keeps hitting rough ground. Remain in quiet, open awareness, allowing answers to come to you.

In this way, I have connected with angels, and helped clients to do so, for many years. In fact, I would say that for me and my clients, angels have been teachers first and foremost. When I see a client for a private angel channeling, we do a meditation together and then the client has the opportunity to ask the angels some questions and concerns that are on their mind. As a channel, I allow the angels to use my body as a vehicle for their thoughts and words.

I have asked Archangel Ariel and Archangel Michael to speak about us humans as an example of the guidance they can offer. Here is what they had to say.

Archangel Michael:
“Your emotions of love are not being given to you by an outside force that determines how you feel about another or how another feels about you. Love is present as a representation of who you are at this moment. Know the love that is present in your life and know yourself. Each person you have strong feelings about—and remember we do not think love and hate are as opposite as you do—each person that you have strong feelings about is telling you a story about you, and you would do well to explore that story and take the gift of self-knowledge that is being offered.”

Archangel Ariel:
“Some of you feel that this journey of self-discovery needs to be a struggle. I struggle to find who I am. I struggle to find God. I struggle to find my purpose, as though you are laden and burdened with this task of self-discovery. There is no more joyful task than the task of self-discovery. You will find at the end of the road lies the most beautiful soul and that soul is you. The struggle is something humans are in love with. Learn to be wedded to joy as much as you are to pain. Find joy in the act of self-discovery and change the world.

“In the days to come, be honest about how you feel. Please take a moment to sit with your true feelings so that you can recognize again who you are. You can begin to recognize the truth in your heart of who you are.

“Once you have the truth of your identity you will find it much easier to contact higher angels or spiritual beings because you won’t be hiding. Many people feel afraid that if they contact spiritual beings such as angels they are being ‘seen.’ They fear they are being judged by us. This embarrasses you. You feel you are being shamed. In some cases you fear us because we are showing you the truth of yourself: You are afraid of the mirror of Truth.

“The more you begin to love and understand who you are truly and feel that all parts of yourself, including your shadow, are integrated into your consciousness, then the more you will feel comfortable allowing all parts of yourself to be revealed to angels.”

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