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Walking Bombs — Brave Hours | Album Review



Walking Bombs
Brave Hours
(2017, self-released)

Chronogram scribe and Kingston musician Morgan Y. Evans is the major domo, along with co-songwriter and engineer Jay Anderson, behind Walking Bombs. The 11 tracks on Brave Hours run the stylistic gamut from mainstream '90s alternative rock to droning atmospherics to hardcore punk. Unifying the song cycle is the real sense of a songwriter fighting to survive physically and mentally in the high anxiety of modern America. The title track demonstrates how Evans is unafraid to explore such harrowing territory as his mother's dementia; the pathos of his songwriting approach really gets across when the tempos slow down. "Dry Heaves" is carried along by a cold synth drone to showcase the passionate vocals, before dissolving into a redemptive wash of saxophones. Brave Hours was mixed by Seattle grunge legend Tad Doyle, and features a slew of guests, including members of the Felice Brothers, Beautiful Bastards, Shining, Spirit Adrift, and Surmiser, among others.

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