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CD Review: Spiv:UK



Spiv U:K So Far Machine
(2008, Independent)
It may seem odd that Woodstock is now spitting out Brit pop, but anything goes these days. That being said, Spiv U:K’s second record has a warm and trippy feel that is both old school and refreshingly new. Imagine a completely modern band that generates an arsenal hinting of early ’70s Bowie, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles while folding in its own blend of psychedelia, and you’ll have it just about right.The guitar, drums, and bass-fueled Spiv (British slang for a man who lives by his wits) is led by Sham Morris of the Mick Ronson-produced band One the Juggler. Intricate, enigmatic, spaced out and witty, the 11 tunes on this disc retain a mellow sensibility without being even remotely melancholy or depressing.The Velvet Undergroundesque “Mumble Hello,” with its tranquil chorus leads into the rocking ’60s groove of “Another Day in Heaven,” which is followed by the danceable, almost Latin vibe of “Angeline.” There’s a lot of variety here. If you like Radiohead, T. Rex, the White Stripes, and/or any of the aforementioned bands, check out Spiv U:K. This CD is definitely a keeper that you’ll find yourself spinning again and again. I know I will, ’cause it’s bloody good.

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