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Album Review: Reisa Adato | Shine


Last Updated: 07/01/2019 6:42 am
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Reisa Adato Shine (Independent)

On this authentic slice of Americana, Reisa Adato is in full disclosure, approaching fine storytelling from a keenly perceptive and courageous place. She uses wisdom of the human condition to create seven poignant narratives on Shine, showcasing, with compelling voice and guitar, the benefits of studying songwriting with Rosanne Cash. Sometimes folk, alt-country, or even jazzy, Adato brings in a diverse array of core and guest musicians and vocalists to shape a radiant recording that feels like an intimate friend. Adato's vocals are unfeigned as she recreates a loving farewell to her mama in the melancholic "Coffee in Heaven," followed by her fun, danceable delivery of a tale of willful youth in "Just Send Cash." The lovely "Kathy's Garden," set in Memphis with sycamores, iced tea, and sunflowers, is the poetic portrait of a contented season in one woman's life. Simply put, this record not only shines, it glows.


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