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CD Review: Los Chinches--"Troy Pork Store"


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Los Chinches Troy Pork Store

(2015, NoDonut Records) 

Like the bedbugs from which they take their band name (chinches is Spanish for that particular arachnid), Los Chinches' debut will get under your skin, on pathways heretofore blazed by slacker-rockers Camper Van Beethoven and Pavement, alt.Americana paragons Wilco and Drive-By Truckers, and proto-punk literati like Bruce Springsteen and Lou Reed. Los Chinches is the boozy brainchild of dual guitarists / front men Jay Boss Rubin, a Germantown resident, and Harry Graff Kimball; together, their short bursts of song combine DIY rawk energy, bracingly edgy performances, and, riding above it all, high and dry in the mix, disarmingly powerful wordplay: "The light in this barn is moldy / Fix your eyes on the dust motes, and reach for a coldy...," sings Kimball on the Crazy Horse-sounding album opener "Nine Beers." Rubin soon lobs a sweet couplet our way in "Hipster Brunch": "Eggs and leeks don't ever speak of the hominy between us / With your cowgirl eyes and your punk rock style, I wait all week on pins and needles."

But what makes Los Chinches really special is the combo of Kimball's up-all-night gravel and Rubin's countrified, shredded yowl, motoring along on live-in-the-room guitar-bass-drum grooves, here a country lope, there a mosh-pit anthem, overseen by legendary engineer and hardcore hero Don Fury, famous for "New York Style" production, i.e., no frills, no edits, and no bullshit. Los Chinches is raw, funny, rocking, and ready to deliver a new chapter of bookish brio to the rock 'n' roll canon.



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