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CD Review: All Around Us

Brian Patneaude


Last Updated: 07/29/2019 6:21 pm
Brian Patneaude, All Around Us - (2012, WEPA Records)
  • Brian Patneaude, All Around Us(2012, WEPA Records)

Brian Patneaude, All Around Us
(2012, WEPA Records)

It takes moxie for an artist to negotiate between what work of his will sell for its convention and what will be celebrated for its originality and meaning. Brian Patneaude composed six of the eight pieces for All Around Us and takes his chances by not following the prescription to cling too hard to standards (for fear of little to no radio airplay). Pshaw! Recorded at Cotton Hill Studios in Albany with keyboardist David Caldwell-Mason, acoustic bassist Mike Delprete, and percussionist Danny Whelchel, Patneaude has produced a most relaxed yet adventurous release, tempered all the while to his robust sound on tenor saxophone.

The opener, “Lake Timeless,” feels weightless and free as the melodic line is levitated by the rhythm section. The quartet’s cool version of saxophonist Wayne Shorter’s “Juju” is ripe with delight. “Aimless Antithesis” has an edgy yet rollicking appeal to it, as Caldwell-Mason keeps up with Patneaude by laying down one soulful line after another. The odd-metered “Invitation” has an off-kilter sensation, but sit with it long enough and it swings into place, especially with Caldwell-Mason on a Fender Rhodes keyboard. Look and listen no further for your summertime aural fixation: All Around Us is it. This month Patneaude will perform with his quartet, duo, trio, and other ensembles at spots close to his home in Scotia, like the Van Dyck in Schenectady and Athos in Albany.

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