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For June 2011


Please don’t let jealousy get in the way. There is always a better guitarist, a prettier model, someone who has been painting longer than you, someone who you perceive as having more freedom. What I suggest you emphasize is the willingness to dare. It’s not as daring as you may think. It’s actually fun; not the riding your bike with no hands kind of fun, but the seductive and satisfying kind of fun. As you expand into this territory, you’re likely to meet your own resistance. That provides you with another opportunity to work through it, or play through it, and go further. Then if you meet your own resistance again, you’ll know what to do. This resistance may come in the form of what you feel it’s okay to tell others about what you desire. Notice these little crises directly, and pay attention to what they tell you about your current state of mind. Note, neither your state of mind nor your values are fixed. They are flexible, mobile, free—they are something you can explore and experiment with. Incidentally, the transit I’m describing is Jupiter ingressing Taurus, which is your house of creativity and pleasure and your solar 5th house. Jupiter loves the 5th house. It can bring a streak of luck, though I suggest you not squander it in games of chance but rather in your human encounters. You need these, and you dearly want to be free of the religion of jealousy that the world tries to convince us is mandatory. The only way to get there is to go there.

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