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Capricorn for June 2016

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)



It's time for your reputation to live up to your substance. In the age when everyone is their own full-time publicist, it can seem that the thing people are the most afraid of being known for is who they actually are, and what they actually think. This is plastered over—habitually, even incessantly—by the image of integrity and authenticity. Yet it's not enough to seem sincere. You're being guided into revealing yourself, your feelings, your misgivings, and most of all, what you want. This is likely to be happening among the people you consider your friends and colleagues. Here's where things get tricky. Social groups are based on the principle of inclusion and, by inference, exclusion. There's always the lingering primal fear that one will be cast off. So to reveal your inner truth—that is, to actually say what you want, what you want to do, and with whom—you must face that fear. At a certain point the pressure of being bottled up, and the constant need to seem pure and "in integrity," must give way to being known. This is true even (and especially) if you are addressing inner conflict, which is seemingly the most important thing to conceal. Open up and let in the fresh air and sunshine—and as you do, build the confidence that people love you for who you actually are.

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