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Capricorn for February 2015


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The message of your chart seems to be: There is no value other than inherent worth. In other words, the notion of "secondary value," such as, "This is useful, and it can be sold," is (at least temporarily) out of the question. That idea would be revised to "This is useful." Yet what we're really talking about is your inherent worth, which in turn translates to your devotion to being alive. You're being called inward, to respect your own inherent worth, as your most vital asset. Said another way, I'm talking about respect for existence, commencing with your existence. What's so interesting about how this appears in your chart is how quickly that respect radiates out into your community. It's not a secondary effect—it's right at the origin of the idea. One of your reasons for being on Earth, I would propose, is to experience directly the way that you are integral to your community. It is not the same without you and you are not the same without it, because you are one and the same. Now, one possible sticking point is defining community. I would say: It is anything to which you are connected in an integral way. For that reason, I suggest you offer yourself, count yourself in, and understand the mutual nature of the relationship.


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