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Money requires focus, and several recent astrological events are hinting strongly at a state of abundance—and that you must match the emphasis of the planets with your own effort and awareness. This calls for a vision, which is a way of saying an elaborated set of goals. Most people respond to the notion of anything financial, or even the meekest reference to money, with worry and irritation. I suggest you go in the other direction, which would be bold intrigue. Consider that how you feel about money is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, notice what that sensation is, and then begin to make any necessary adjustments. Remember, though, that the larger theme of resources is involved, and financial resources are just one type. Many other kinds are necessary. Among them all is having faith in yourself. This is not a thing possessed but rather a skill that you cultivate, exercise and develop. By resources I mean to include them all, and to suggest that you have what it takes, whatever you are doing and whatever is required. Have faith that there is plenty to go around in the world. This is one vivid moment in your life when if you seek abundance you will find it. And you will be finding it for a reason, for a purpose, which you know and which is up to you to express.

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