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For June 2011


One of the things that is never mentioned about your sign is your relationship to dualism: that is, to the property of both psyche and of physical existence that seems to be in a conscious dance of pair-bonding, hemispheres of the globe, two sides of the coin, two sides to the issue, or the unquestioned belief in good versus evil. In many ways humanity is based on this whole notion, yet most of the time, it’s somehow cleverly hidden. It’s hidden, that is, until it’s not. The relationship between separation within and the experience of separation in the world is complex, and there seem to be no easy solutions to the problem. Indeed, we count on being separate from others as a way of experiencing them directly. Yet as you begin to see your hidden inner divisions, and make a conscious effort to heal them, something about your perception of the world will change. While “healing” for most people implies discomfort, the kind of healing I’m talking about is self-reconciliation. That can be pleasurable, as you reveal to yourself aspects of yourself that deeply want to be exposed, unlocked and set free. It’s not the same pleasure as a chocolate parfait. This is a more transgressive kind of exploration, which can lead the way to some interesting relational experiences as your inner relationship opens up. Given the long-term picture of your astrology, what you learn this month will provide useful information for how to guide your life in the future.

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