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For February 2013


Last Updated: 02/18/2019 9:34 am

Some of the most appealing people you meet this month will resemble you the least. As one born under the sign Cancer, familiarity is something you treasure, understandably enough. I suggest that this month you place an enhanced value on what is different, interesting, and which challenges your emotional perspective. For example, if you have a tactile approach to contact, or if you like affection demonstrated openly, you may experience some unusual pleasures from someone who takes a more detached approach. Overall, actually, a bit of detachment would be a good approach; I suggest that you sidestep any urge to make a "permanent" bond with someone at this point. The wheel of your life is spinning pretty quickly, and there's still no telling where it's going to stop. Therefore, this is a good time to place a high value on your freedom of movement and your freedom to choose. Leave your options open—particularly if you feel pressured to make a decision by your friends (or by some other social pressure) to make a commitment you don't feel right about making. It's not always obvious when these kinds of influences are applied, or when we're falling for them; I suggest you pay careful attention. The idea here, as I've suggested, is to leave some options open for the near future, when many other options are likely to manifest. You're likely to discover that you can have worthwhile experiences in the moment without clinging to them.

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