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For April 2012


Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Maintain your devotion to your professional path—the one you’re on, the one you’ve chosen, or the one you want. Do this diligently, as if something larger than you depends on your actions. Follow the momentum of your life as it carries you, and add extra focus, as if you’re tending a fire that might go out, or might go out of control. You may not be able to see your destination (some would say destiny), and you may not be sure how to think about what you’re doing—as regards “thinking” the most significant thing you can do for yourself is be conscious and review events carefully, though without being too critical or trying to judge. There’s a difference between judging and assessing; between criticizing and paying attention to details. Be particularly conscious of your use of language, which you can consider a kind of firepower. You’re visible right now—visible to more people than you might imagine, or more than your present circumstances might suggest. That, of course, is not a good enough reason for maintaining your integrity, but it’s as good as any. Over the course of the month, you begin to establish solid contact between your ideas and your aspirations. Old concepts that had merit come to life, and you will begin to see that there was a plan in motion all along. I’ll emphasize again that much of your success comes from your precise and careful use of language. Creativity will follow from precision—so say what you mean and mean what you say.

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