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For May 2012


Cancer (June 21-July 22)
In astrology, the 12th house is like a hidden dimension, a vast psychic closet where we keep everything we think we’ve forgotten, or that we were never quite aware of. Often things disappear into this realm, and sometimes they emerge—for example, as unusually potent dream imagery, or as discoveries about ourselves we make in therapy or on a vision quest. Sometimes revelations can be precipitated by astrology itself, and that’s what it looks like is happening to you now. The highly unusual sequence of events of the next six weeks is concentrated in this area of your chart, as if you’re being granted access to the hidden dimension of yourself. Given that this is the place most people avoid (because it’s too strange, or they would “rather not know”), I suggest you open up your mind to self-discovery. Certain ideas you have about yourself may suddenly reverse; but mostly the theme I see is self-reconciliation. It’s as if a split you’ve lived with all your life, but were barely aware of, is finally going to make itself known, or resolve itself. In the process, you can make peace with many things that you’ve denied, including the split itself. This may include divisions between your male and female sides; rational versus intuitive approaches to existence; and other competing forces in your psyche. There is a point of resolution, and you’re approaching it quickly. One result will be freeing the energy that it takes to maintain the division—energy that you will have good creative use for.

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