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For April 2011


Last Updated: 02/12/2019 8:21 pm
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
There is no stopping you—unless you have some idea that something is wrong. This is the time in your life to discern fear from an actual practical concern. Remember that, and remember that what you want is what you’re most likely to get. It’s true that you often live with a seeming conflict between the ambitious aspect of your nature and your more laidback, compassionate quality. Now is the time to go into active mode and set out to achieve what you know it’s time for you to do. Allow your empathy to become passion. Allow your doubt to inform you how confident you really are. Notice the indiscriminate nature of fear and how it rarely seems to offer you anything vaguely useful. Keep listening and you will hear plenty of information that you’re “not supposed to know” or that “was there all along.” The reason you’re getting this information is to use it, not to worry about it. Meanwhile, your primary mission is to know what you want, and to connect that desire to decisions. If you ever get to the point where you think you’re acting “too fast,” pause and reflect how long you’ve actually been plotting and scheming. Consider how much experience you have. You may be in new circumstances but you’re actually not new at any of this. The value of experience is applying established knowledge in a creative way to new creative challenges.

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