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For February 2011


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CANCER (June 21-July 22)

You seem to be in line for an inheritance or payout of some kind—and at the very least you have significant business opportunities available that could work out very well for you. Obviously, you cannot take up every opportunity that is presented to you. And not all of them are what they seem. Therefore, focus on what you're the most passionate about. You can trust that. It might be something about which you have subtle misgivings, that challenges you or that leads you to feel vulnerable. The greatest reward, on many levels, might come from the experience with the deepest emotional risk. You may know the one I'm talking about. Focus carefully and you're likely to notice how your perspective, not only on these opportunities but also on your whole life, changes through the course of the month. There is something profound that connects you to your source on a fundamental level, and may indeed summon you to many new adventures. Faced with so many possibilities, I suggest that you choose the one or two things that take you deep—by that, I mean that provide the greatest inner rewards, creative satisfaction or contact in a relationship. This is a connection that you may be tempted to think about intellectually, but the true basis for discernment is what you feel in your heart. Feel for a while and you will get the message, perhaps not loudly, but certainly clearly.

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