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Cancer | Hudson Valley Horoscope August 2018


Remember the film, It’s a Wonderful Life? August may feel like a visit from the bank examiner and Moon-ruled Cancerians might mistake themselves for Uncle Billy as Retrograde Mars briefly transits Capricorn, your solar opposite, between August 12 and September 9, joining both serious Saturn and powerful Pluto in their longer-term transits through Retrograde Capricorn. But wait! You can remember where you left the bank deposit! You’re not in the scariest of troubles: You have not lost emotional security. Sometimes all the hard work you’ve invested into building a solid foundation for your life is thrown off-balance through perceived threats to your key trigger words: “Food, Home, Mother, Money.” Keep Zuzu’s petals close to your heart to remind yourself that you are, in fact, safe. You’re not Uncle Billy in this story: you’re Clarence the angel, earning your wings by jumping into deeply emotional Cancerian waters to save what’s nearest and dearest to you.

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