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Cancer Horoscope | October 2017



CANCER (June 21-July 22)

You’re moving into a position of leadership with your tribe or family. The way you’re doing this is by exercising your prerogative to do what you want to do and need to do, regardless of what others may think. The practical effect is to guide others to do the same thing, by essentially granting them permission to freely be themselves. One might think that this would lead to a kind of anarchy, though it’s more likely to release potential as you and the people around you discover new ways to relate and co-create. Another part of your role is to lead the successful aspects of these experiments into more formalized arrangements.

If the emphasis of motivation is on desire rather than necessity, you’ll have an idea who really wants to be there. This is especially vital for you, as both Mercury and Jupiter have moved into the most passionate and adventurous angle of your solar chart, Scorpio. You will be drawn in the direction that’s right for you, even as seemingly more practical concerns try to get your attention. Keep leaning into the direction of what actually matters to you rather than seeming necessary. You will still pay your bills. If you do only what is practical, you’ll still pay the bills, though at considerable expense to your soul. Thankfully, you can cross that off your list of things to ponder.


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