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Cancer for February 2015



Pay attention to your various transactions, be they monetary, sexual, social, barter, or business. There is a lot of movement going on in the house of your chart associated with all of these things. While you might get the feeling that you are vulnerable to some kind of exposure, what you may really be feeling is a mental or psychic penetrating power that you have into the affairs of others. Using this gift properly is not about minding their business, it's about minding yours. Knowing the mental state and the intentions of the people around you is vital to your success. That awareness is in itself a form of currency, and it will be worth considerably more the more comfortable you feel with yourself. Another useful thing to remember is the extent to which you're not actually driven by money. You like money—it's good for things like food, heat, warm boots, and helping people. But that's different than being driven by it. The thing to remember is that other people may indeed be motivated specifically by monetary impulses, and you are in a rather priceless teaching moment where you get to demonstrate through some simple gestures that there is something much more important, useful, and beautiful. That would be actually caring, offering your energy for some inherent purpose, and acting as if to hold the world together.

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