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Cancer (June 21-July 22) for August 2015



It’s time to consider how resourceful you are. By that I mean how actually resourceful you really are. Monetary resources are often extolled and valued at the expense of many other forms of energy, though I’m including money in this statement. Let’s start with all resources; that is, the possibility that everything on Earth, at least potentially, is available for some purpose you might have. Many people have figured this out (various artists, authors, industrialists, and others), whether they apply the idea on a large scale or a small one. You are figuring it out now. This involves an evaluation of who (and what) you think you are, and to a real extent, why you’re here. I suggest you think in big and bold strokes. Imagine what you consider your best or most scaled-up potential—and ask if that’s really describing what you feel. Notice how the value you place on yourself is reflected in the world you see. If you’re experiencing your worth as worthy, you will see more of the world as being available to you, like you’re on an equal plane with your environment. If you’re experiencing a contraction or lack of worth, you’re likely to feel like everything is better than you and even worse, not available. What I suggest is that you take over and mediate this entire process from within yourself; from within your own awareness.

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