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Cancer: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for May 2018


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CANCER (June 21–July 22)

Two rare transits are influencing the most public angles of your solar chart—Chiron has entered the responsibility and reputation 10th house (Aries), and Uranus is about to enter your 11th house of social experiences (Taurus). Taken together, these represent a realignment of your public profile, most likely in ways that you were not expecting, and which are compelling you to take a close look at your life. Yet the initial results of these transits will be something quite apart from how they develop over time; and it's in the long run that you have the most influence over the course of events. For now, the thing to do is to move with the changes, and to pay attention to your environment, meaning your physical and social surroundings. It will help to keep your house in order, though this is likely to be something you already do. Chiron in the 10th house, in particular, has a way of putting a person under a spotlight, and subjecting them to greater scrutiny than may seem to be useful, practical or fair—but you can take it. What you must remember is that while you have some ability to present yourself to the world, you cannot determine how other people respond. Mainly, you have the ability to document your own life, and to be fully accountable at all times—to yourself.


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