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Bordering on Treason


In February 2003, Lorna Tychostup, then senior editor for this magazine, traveled to Iraq to document the conditions of the people of Iraq on the eve of the US invasion. This was the first of a series of reporting trips for Chronogram that shed light on the often forgotten populace that was being fought over beyond the walls of the Green Zone. Tychostup would ultimately return to Iraq in 2010 to work as a contractor for USAID as part of the reconstruction effort. Filmmaker Trish Dalton has spent the last five years putting together Bordering on Treason, a chronicle of Tychostup's commitment to bringing to light the real story (good and bad) of the US occupation of Iraq. A fundraising preview of Bordering on Treason will screen at the Rosendale Theater at 7pm on June 12. Dalton and Tychostup will appear for a post-showing Q&A.

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