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There is a Future, And You Are It



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A Rapidly Changing Environment

We're now experiencing a series of sign changes by slow-moving planets. This does not happen often; the last time was in the years leading up to 2012. When this happens, the color, tone, and energetic quality of life can shift rapidly. Most of these changes occur in the background. As profound as they are, they are easy to miss, and to miss them means to miss the opportunities they present.

This began in mid-October with Jupiter's ingress into Scorpio. In terms of understanding life on Earth, Scorpio is one of the most valuable signs to understand.

Since Saturn left Scorpio in late 2014 (dipping back in for part of 2015), there hasn't been much going on in that sign. True, there have been a wide diversity of esoteric planets and asteroids. While useful, they are not exactly easy for most people to dial in.

Saturn in Scorpio (late 2012 through 2014, and part of 2015) was not exactly wet. It added heaviness to a sign that, due to the times we're living in, comes with a needless sense of weight. Most of that weight is the result of our collective and individual reticence or outright refusal to consider the subject matter described by Scorpio, most of which relates to sex, death, and change. (If you're a Scorpio and you feel like you spook people, this is why.)

While Pisces has been described as the "dustbin of the zodiac," actually in our age Scorpio gets this distinction. It's where we throw everything we're afraid of, or are embarrassed about.

Before Jupiter's arrival, the most recent Big Thing to happen in Scorpio was the 2016 Mars retrograde there. That came along with the pussy-grabbing recording, the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency, and the majority of white women voting for him nonetheless. I would have thought the pussy-grabbing would have been a deal-breaker, though for a lot of women, the candidate with the pussy was the deal-breaker. I am still trying to wrap my head around that. With Mars retrograde, we got a look at the dark and dreary side of Scorpio.

Jupiter in Scorpio, Through November 2018

So now we have Jupiter, the "greater benefic," otherwise known as Jove of "by Jove" fame, which translates to jovial. Jupiter in Scorpio will have two basic effects and a wide flurry of side effects. One will be to magnify the crisis. We're seeing this in the countless reports of sexual misconduct that have been coming into the open in late October, flushed to the surface by Jupiter. That has yet to end. What seems to shock everyone is the nearly ubiquitous extent of sexual assault. Everyone has either experienced it personally or is close to someone who has.

This is calling for healing. We now have a concept of what sexual healing is imminently necessary, now. We face a challenge in that even most therapists are too embarrassed by sex to go into any detail about the subject matter. Most therapists also lack the proper training to do so. Somewhere, somehow, we must open up to this form of learning, which will mean releasing all moral judgments about sex. Sex is not a moral issue. It's a basic feature of life, like air and water.

Thankfully, the other effect of Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to be a lightening up of the whole sex "issue," and the ability to regain some sense of play. Right now, the current definition of sex seems to be "that which has a victim" rather than "that which we do for creativity and fun." While we are getting the victimhood out of our systems, let's do some trick-or-treating, which as everyone knows is a fun custom associated with a holiday commemorating dead ancestors.

Jupiter in Scorpio is also a reminder that wholesome, responsible sex requires knowledge and even some wisdom (a Jupiter thing). Kids should not have two children by age 16. One kind of knowledge is comprehensive sex education, which has largely been supplanted by the nightmare of "abstinence only" indoctrination. We need actual facts about, and familiarity with, our bodies, and the emotions they take us through. We need to account for what sex does to relationships.

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