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ArtScene TV Episode 7



A Conversation with Filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss

Each month, filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss produces "ArtScene," a monthly video web series with short segments on artists, galleries, and museums in the Hudson Valley. Check it out at As told to Kelly Seiz


Guerilla Filmmakers

This major retrospective at the Dorsky Museum [closing July 12] was my first introduction to this pioneer Each month, filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss produces "ArtScene." our monthly video web series with short segments on artists, galleries and museums in the Hudson Valley. Check it out at ing video group. As someone involved in film for over 30 years, it was really exciting to learn about the political protest work they were doing in the `60s and early `70s, especially at this moment in time, with video so ubiquitous on YouTube and other various venues. It's so interesting to have context from this group that pioneered the medium 40 years ago. They're an important missing link in the evolution of video.

Ze'ev Willy Neumann


Ze'ev Willy Neumann is a conceptual wood sculptor who combined a year and a half of labor and 40 sheets of plywood to create The Love Knot, a two-sculpture project in which he built two identical loveseats, one in Woodstock and one in Saugerties, meant to bring the two towns closer together. He has an event at the Saugerties Farmers' Market coming up on July 25 called "Interchangeable Sculpture Show."

Center for Metal Arts

Blacksmithing/Metalwork School

The Center for Metal Arts is located in a beautiful old barnlike structure in the Orange County hamlet of Florida, where they teach blacksmithing and metalwork, crafting everything from jewelry to tools. It was really fun to go there and see their work in action, shaping the metal and firing the furnace, especially in this day and age. For someone who works so much on a computer, to see all of this hands-on artistry was really refreshing.

On The Cover

Carolita Johnson: Cartoonist

Carolita Johnson, the latest Big Apple escapee and Hudson Valley newcomer, is a cartoonist for the New Yorker and has her own comic web series called "Oscarina." The ongoing feminist cartoon project follows the main character as she addresses everyday inequality in her daily life. She and her husband / fellow cartoonist, Michael Crawford, have an upcoming show on July 11 at the Anvil Gallery at Tech Smiths in Kingston.

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